• Injection mold
  • Die cast/Inserts
  • Precision machining
  • Rapid tooling
  • Prototype parts
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Household Appliances
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Telecommunication

Wedo Mould

About Us


With our current staffing levels, equipment facilities and engineering team we can offers a wide-ranging services as following.

Injection mold

Wedo Mould make all types of molds including insert mold, over mold, unscrewing mold, and multi-cavities mold.We can provide customers with dimensions of 1.5 meters and weight within 25 tons of mold. Using a variety of compounds according to our clients´ requirements to produce articles ranged from simple to the complex with breitling emergency replica short lead times.

Die Cast / Inserts
Wedo Mould has capability in die casting design,manufacturing and components machining,Using high quality steel and correct heat treatment process.While the trial will be outsourced to our reliable professional cooperation partner,which will help to make qualified products of large-scale manner in the following.

Precision Machining

Wedo Mould can machine the components according to customer requirements of product drawings with tolerance. The ultimate machining accuracy can reach the 0.005mm which supported by advanced machines. Measurement reports will be provided for customer by shipment along with the components.

Rapid tooling

Wedo Mould offer speedy samples of rapid tooling with aluminum or P20 steel within 2 weeks or less lead time. This service supports customer’s requirements for functional parts in production intent polymers and is perfect for components that need to be put through rigorous testing and development.

Prototype parts

Wedo Mould can assist you in producing prototypes parts. We have capabilities in CNC, SLA, SLS, FDM and Cast Urethane, each offering different rolex replica qualities and abilities that can help  to quickly build, test and acquire better end-products.

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